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Condiciones de colaboración

General terms

Before signing an engagement letter clients typically ask about the costs of the legal services. We have adopted a completely transparent financial policy since we know that any misunderstanding in that respect may harm an otherwise flawless co-operation.

We believe that the most objective method of remuneration for professional services is based on the time dedicated to the case. That is why we normally apply hourly rates which vary according to the given lawyer’s expertise.
We keep our billing policy reasonable. The hourly rates are applicable only to material work, such as drafting, representation in court, participation in client meetings, negotations, advice, conceptual work or dedicated research (and NOT general research). We care about contacts with our clients and do not bill for every minute of a friendly telephone conversation we might have with a client. Also, we normally bill only 50% of the time spent in long distance travel.

We try to be flexible and - upon the client’s request – we provide for a flat fee in respect of a given instruction. Also, in the event of a regular co-operation we apply discounts of up to 15% on our standard rates.
Secretarial work is charged so that clients pay a reasonable fee for simple activities such as completing files for a court case, preparing standard documents or correspondence, or editing documents.

Detailed rules of co-operation are always defined in the engagement letter or in the contract signed with the Firm.



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