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Cabinet d'avocats à service complet conseil aux entreprises internationales ainsi que les petites entreprises: financement des entreprises, fusions et acquisitions, des contrats

Des specialisations


The RD team comprises experienced Polish and Russian lawyers who are now ready to provide legal assistance to companies conducting their operations on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in neighbouring countries. Our lawyers will generally support clients involved in international trade transactions with business partners in the East.

The team is experienced in the following areas:
- Corporate law
- Contracts (including negotiation)
- Administrative law
- Customs law
- Taxation
- Employment
- Intellectual property
- Litigation and arbitration

Our Russian Desk lawyers work in Russian, Polish and English and are assisted by the Firm’s associates speaking also Italian, French and Spanish.


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Le cabinet est situé dans le centre de Varsovie, à Al. Jana Pawła II 80, dans le bâtiment Babka Tower.

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