We work with foreign clients and deal with international projects on a daily basis. Far from a formal structure, still, based on fluency in various languages and orientation in foreign law, we have identified teams that provide assistance in English, French and German (International Desk), as well as in Italian (Italian Desk) and Russian (Russian Desk). Members of these teams are not only fluent in a given language but also have a good knowledge of the cultural, business and legal environment in different countries.



Our International Desk provides assistance to foreign clients planning and implementing their business in Poland and beyond. We do not see our role as confined to legal matters; we always strive to understand the business context of the advice we provide. We deliver practical solutions helping to do business in Poland and internationally.
We co-operate with law firms across the globe and work on a regular basis with lawyers in Europe, the US, China, India, South Africa and the Middle East.
Working in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian should be taken for granted.


Over the years we have developed a special relationship with Italian investors. We advise on contracts made between Poland and Italy and provide advice to Italian companies doing business in Poland. Thanks to a very broad network of contacts with law firms across Italy, we are also able to assist on any matter involving Italian law.

The following lawyers make part of the Italian Desk (all fluent in Italian):

– Adam Morawski
– Bartosz Jankowski
– Barbara Pietrzak

Our team not only provides legal advice, but also prepares bilingual versions of documents, assists in commercial negotiations and provides various secretarial services in Italian.




Our Chinese Desk is focused on helping Chinese companies move around in the Polish reality and on advising Polish and international investors interested in doing business in China. The Director of our Chinese Desk is Shen Bin, Chinese attorney-at-law and patent attorney who works in Beijing and ensures efficient communication with our Chinese clients, as well as accurate advice for our European clients. On the other hand, our Warsaw team, fluent in Chinese, works closely with Shen Bin to ensure that the legal work is done and that it is fully understood by the Client.


Central & Eastern Europe

Central & Eastern Europe

The Central & Eastern Europe team comprises experienced Polish, Ukrainian and Belorussian lawyers who are ready to provide legal assistance to companies conducting their operations in the CEE area, as well as in neighbouring countries. Our lawyers will generally support clients involved in international trade transactions with business partners in the East.

The team is experienced in the following areas:
– Corporate law
– Contracts (including negotiation)
– Business and assets relocation
– Administrative law
– Customs law
– Taxation
– Employment
– Intellectual property
– Litigation and arbitration

The CEE Desk lawyers work in Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian, Polish and English and are assisted by the Firm’s associates speaking also Italian, French and Spanish.

Thanks to our relationships with law firm in Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, as well as in the Balkans, we are also able to coordinate legal assistance in the southern corner of the CEE region.

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